You can frequently find and join scrims. Any player or clan looking to play matches can connect.

How to find and connect to a scrim server

Servers that allow you to scrim in have usually special set up server settings to make it more competitive than a regular public server.

The game server name (host_name) is usually something like:

  • “Neutrals vs. Neutrals”
  • “Neut vs. Neut”
  • “N vs N”
  • “Scrim Server”
  • etc.

The password should be set to “scrim” and so is the R-CON usually. The password may change once a match has started. This is to prevent more players from joining if the game server has more slots available than the amount of players that the scrim started with. The term neutrals is used to show that it is not a clan match but each team may have a mix of different clans or individual players. Sometimes if many players of the same clan connect, the scrim may turn into a clan vs neutrals (mixed players) match.

What is a scrim

Matches are often played in CTF maps and the team that scores 10 flags first, wins. Teams are usually 4 players max. (8 total players in the server). Scrims are a fun and easy way to play competitively without organizing an entire event. Usually played in evenings (EU time) or weekends.

After the match (scrim) has finished, the players often stay for a few more maps. If it’s a good set of competitive players, they usually play around 3 maps. CTF_Casino, CTF_Romania, CTF_Hangar and CTF_Office are very popular to scrim in. Of course you don’t have to stay for all the matches but you should not leave in the middle of a scrim.