Hi Bond-fans,

We thank you for your feedback based on the latest version of the Romania Winter CTF-map. However we try to please all players offering the best version possible this is not always possible. While the administrators team was checking up the logs and other tools to administrate the servers we noticed the map became less popular.

We got to know that the following changes would suit Nightfire better:

  • Make the map more bright;
  • Add more guns, not just ‘skill’ guns;
  • More explosives.

We’ve listened and updated the map. It now contains a Ronin, a few explosives and the popular PDW90. You will gain the PDW90 directly at spawning and respawning the map. Extra ammo can be found at the spawns. Also did we add day light, the map has now a more daytime look which makes it more bright and easier to play.

Merry Christmas and we hope to see you on the official event servers again!

  • Team