Q-Branch has modified your car keys into a taser. It temporary paralyses enemies,but it doesn’t harm them. It is perfect to disable civilian security guards.
Your Watch has been provided with a special laser. It can cut through metal,so it is perfect to cut padlocks and iron cables.
It looks like an ordinary mobile phone. But it has a grappling hook at the bottom.You can simply shoot it out and use it to reach high, almost unreachable places.

**Used for PJUMP in multiplayer**
This pen contains a tranquilizing dart. You can shoot it at your enemies to temporary disable them.I can guarantee you that they will sleep very tight!

**Kills enemy instantly in multiplayer**
This hat is being used in the multiplayer. It is the hat from Oddjob, a foe from the movie Goldfinger. Throw this hat at someone’s neck and he will die instantly.

**Play as Oddjob in Phoenix to use (instead of Dart Pen) or type oddjob in your console as any character to archieve**
This gadget may look to the eye as a simple pocket PC. But it is actually a highly developed decrypter. It is perfect to hack computers, keypads and elevator controls.
Camera disguised as a lighter, very handy to collect secret information.
This is a gadget the QBranch is very proud of, the QWorm. It looks like an ordinary credit card. But it has a little compact disc built in, which you can pop out by sliding the left side of the credit card downwards. Place this little CD into any computer and MI6 will be able to monitor it.