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Q: What is NBS?
A: NBS is the system and it’s addons that is run on protected game servers to prevent cheating, unfair gaming and to track players that disobey community rules.

Q: Why am I receiving the error: Error – You have been banned from this server?
A: This error shows when you have been banned from a Nightfire server. For more information about your ban, check the banned page and our game server rules.

NOTE: Hosts not using our banlist may still ban you individually. If so, you should contact the host as it will not be shown on the our banned page.

Q: What does ‘All NBS-S’ on the bans page mean?
A: All NBS-S stands for ‘All NBS-Secured’ and includes all game servers of the game that use our list. We encourage other clans and game server hosts to include our banned list into their server settings for best gaming experience.

Q: Is there a NBS-S game server list?
A: There is not. However we encourage other game server hosts to use our list, not all hosts might (for several reasons). We do not provide information on which game server you may cheat and disobey community rules and on which you should not.

Q: What data does NBS track and take action on?
A: Such information is private. Play by the game server rules and you should be fine.

Q: Who to contact regarding my ban or where to protest it?
A: Bans cannot be protested. Check our banned page to see when your ban expires. Do not contact game server admins as there is nothing they can do.

Q: My ban is set to permanent. What to do now?
A: There is nothing you can do. A game server admin or CONSOLE has banned you permanently (without discussion).

Q: How can I report a cheat or abusive player?
A: You can’t. Our server software will take automatic action (ban, kick, etc) and we have (hidden) admins checking the servers regularly to prevent this.

NBS GamePlay Rules & Guidelines

We only have two basic rules that count on any NBS-S game server. We do however recommend to game server admins and hosts to also follow our guidelines for fair and fun play.

Official Rules on any NBS-S Game Server:

Cheating is not allowed at anytime in any game. Anyone or any clan caught cheating will be subject to dismissal from the system. We do our utmost keeping the anti-cheat system as up to date as possible. Cheating includes both 3rd party software and the use of cheat commands.

Bad language and negative conduct shall be kept to a minimum. Excessive bad behaviour may lead to punishment by the NBS software.

Recommended Admin / Host Guidelines:

In CTF maps like Island or Knox, no hiding with the flag within a closed spawn area should be allowed.

Spawn killing should not be allowed. Spawn killing is deliberately and continually killing players within a closed spawn area of some CTF maps. The only exception to this rule is when the player is trying to retrieve their flag (but see above guideline).

Players should not spam the in-game chat. Chatting with fellow players is obviously allowed but should be kept to a minimum. Other gamers connected to play and not to chat. Advertising other servers or clans in the chat should not be allowed.

Below you can find players that are banned from NBS-secured servers, the reason and expiry of the ban. For more information about NBS please go here.

no banned players within the last 30 days

Players will be banned by unique player ID and can not rejoin after they change their IP-address. This is to prevent them from rejoining quickly.

Players with an expired ban penalty are monitored by the server software and will not be warned again. The next failure in playing by the rules will follow into a permanent ban.

This section is about displaying players that showed negative conduct but did not necessarily break a rule. Those players are not banned but will be of high importance to the NBS-Player Tracker. It is up to other game server hosts what to do with those. Depending on the importance of the reason, secured game servers may show a warning when this player connects.

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