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In Game

For any questions or if you require more information about the NBS, please go here.

If you suspect someone cheating in-game, please see how the NBS takes action in a NBS-secured game server. If you play on an unsecured game server, contact it’s host.

If you experience any issues playing or hosting the game please check out our troubleshooting.

If your issue cannot be solved using the troubleshooting and you run the v5.5+ patch, please reach out to the developer (ext).

Service & Other

We no longer offer ID or Account support. Click here to learn more.

If you are looking for more information and history of our services, please see our timeline.

For Game Server rental related support, please contact our partner XS-EU (ext).

We can not help you with Nightfire: Source related issues, questions, suggestions or any other related topics.

Get in contact with Website Support (not for in-game related questions)
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