We frequently receive support-related questions. On this page you may find the solution of your problem. Some information on our website may be obsolete as patch updates may fix or change functions but we try to keep this troubleshooting updated as much as we can.

Information below is based on the v5.5+ game patch. Some solutions may not work for 1.0 patched clients.


I am stuck in a singleplayer mission

As the game was originally released in 2002, you might experience small issues while playing the singleplayer missions and you are unable to progress.

It’s unlikely the singleplayer mode will ever get updated so we recommend you to try typing in the console “sv_cheats 4” and then “god” to turn on god mode to get past this area and then turn it off again.

My settings/keys seem to be broken

If you experience issues with keys not working properly or want to reset all settings to standard go to start and type %LocalAppData%\Gearbox Software\Nightfire\bond and then delete the config.cfg file and restart your game. All settings will then be default.

I have white cutscenes

If cutscenes show up white or your game will not start due to a white screen, these video codecs will help.

If this still does not fix the problem, try running the game on compatibility mode for windows xp (right click on bond shortcut, click properties, click compatibility then change it to Windows XP)


I see players in multiplayer with high speed

For everything about PJUMP please head here.

I get automatically kicked out of a gameserver

Update your game to the latest version using the launcher. All clients using an old version are unable to join to the latest game server patch.

I can't find any game servers

Make sure you run the latest version of Nightfire by updating it using the launcher. GameSpy quit supporting the game in 2014 and developers created a new masterserver. If that doesn’t help, either the masterserver is down, you are banned from the game or no one is hosting a game server.

Maps do not autodownload when I connect

Make sure you run the latest version of Nightfire by updating it using the launcher and you connect using Bond.exe and NOT Bond2.exe as Bond2.exe will not load many new functions and should never be used to connect.

Game Server hosting

My game server doesn't show up on the list

Make sure you use the latest version of this Game Server tool or if you must use older programs such as DSS2, DSAS, etc. change the masterserver address from to GameSpy has gone to Later!.

I updated all tools but my server still doesn't show

Make sure that the router ports you use are forwarded. If that doesn’t help, sometimes it’s Windows Firewall (Windows Server) that you should put off (on your own risk).