Welcome to www.JBNIGHTFIRE.com. Our website has been up for over 10 years providing players of the James Bond 007: Nightfire PC game with useful information and resources to play the game.

What started as a website with useful downloads and information about how to play the game for new players, ended up years later in a big community with a forum, extended user profiles and the NFCMD (NightFire Custom Maps Database) where players could add their own created custom level design for the game.

We were the founder of the JBNFL league that tried to keep the game active after the NFBL was cancelled. Our game servers provided the remaining players a place to go and play the game in the less active years. JBNFL took care of matches for individual players aswell as clans. JBNFL was together with the XS clan the host of many seasonal events. To read more about our work, go here.

What’s new


Hi Bond-fans, We thank you for your feedback based on the latest version of the Romania Winter CTF-map. However we try to please all players offering the best version possible this is not always possible. While the administrators team was checking up the logs and other tools to administrate the servers we noticed the map […]


Good evening Bond-fans, The map that came with the Winter Season Update, CTF_Romania_Winter has now been updated from B8 to B10. This time it was the right moment to add a better atmosphere. Fog and snowfall have been added. Also a few bugs have been fixed and new presents have been added. We hope to […]