The game has many custom maps created by custom level designers and on this page we would like to highlight a few.

Maps from this designer are but not limited to: Gamble (CTF), Highway (DM), Paradise (DM), Cinema (CTF), Safe (CTF) and Arena (CTF). Gamble is a mirrored version of the popular Casino map which should make it more fair to play in. However it was not used to play in the NFBL we still were a big fan. Paradise is a fairly small map but fun to discover as it has many breakable walls and an open layout.

Dylan has designed many maps over the years but we especially love the Backstreets-map which is extremely high in detail and very fun to play in and so is Alleyways, which is the mission version. Dylan also designed the Halloween-themed versions (2011 & 2012) of the Romania-level commissioned by us and the XS clan.

He created the Escape Game Mode with a complete newly designed map (Cargo Ship) he fully did on himself and transformed the Romania-level into a winter atmosphere with new pathways and way more for our Winter Game Update.

At a later stage we got to play in the maps that were designed by Kenny. He delivered a fun and amazing new-looking version of Hangar and also a few maps of his own, such as Spa, which we think is a good competetive map.

As a member of the CiA and DVS clan, Stefan created several maps. His maps were focussed on fun and trust us, they were! We are big fan of the bigfall series (over 5 different maps and layouts). In bigfall you get to play in a small map but you should mind your step as falling down will follow in death. Shoot your enemies of the grid!

United Modders
We would like to credit United Modders for their maps such as Training, where you can train to shoot and learn how the game works. It’s a fun layout and we recommend to play in with your friends.

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We do not credit mappers who only ported over a map from another game without crediting the original mapper. Credits are also based on maps frequently played in recently or of players who helped keeping the game alive, even in the later years.