On this page we would like to thank and credit the original level designers of this game. We also highlight a few of which we discovered more information and found portfolio websites of.

David Johnston
David was one of the original mappers and created the levels Romania (CTF), Casino (DM) and Power Station (DM). Although he received some critic that the Romania level didn’t neccassarily ressemble the country Romania, it was by far the most popular CTF map ever released. David also released many other official titles for other games such as Counter-Strike (de_dust!) and Half-Life and we therefore recommend you to check out his website for more.

Fun fact: the ctf_romania map was redesigned 4 or 5 times before the final version was finished. NightFire fans may have noticed that in the multiplayer menu, the icon for the Romania map looks completely different to the finished version in the game – a small insight into what an earlier version looked like.

Chris Auty
Chris was also one of the original mappers and created the levels Island (CTF/DM), Fort Knox (CTF/DM) and Tower (CTF). Just like David, Chris was also hired to design levels for many other titles which you can find on his website.

David Mertz
David was the Lead Level Designer of the game and as he shows off on his website he worked on the singleplayer levels. We are unsure if he also designed multiplayer maps.

Wahoo Studios
Wahoo was hired by EA to create one of the two multiplayer levels that came with the 1.1 official game update. Wahoo designed Space Station which was supposed to be released as both CTF and DM, yet the DM version was not ready on time. 1.1 also contained the Istanbul (DM) level, but we are not sure who designed this one.

Full List (Credited)

Lead Level Designer: David Mertz

Senior Level Designers: Matt Armstrong, Rob Heironimus, Brian Hess, Pat Hook, David Mertz

Additional Level Design: Chris Auty, Erik Doescher, Josh Jeffcoat, Eric Reuter, Chip Sbrogna, Marc Schroeder, Rob Selitto, Mike Wardwell

EA Level Designers: Michael Daugherty, Wright Bagwell

EA Multiplayer Level Designers: David Johnston, John Spitzer, Wahoo Studios