In multiplayer it is all about MI6 vs PHOENIX

On this page you can read more about the two organisations and more background info of the game.

Game Modes

NightFire has a total of 3 different game modes.

Combat Training
You will fight without allies. You will need to trust on your own skills and try to get the highest killrate. The game will finish when either the time is up or when the fraglimit is reached. (timelimits and fraglimits can always be set to “0″ to remove them)

Team Combat Training
In this mode, the game is played until one team has reached the fraglimit or untill the timelimit is reached. (timelimits and fraglimits can always be set to “0″ to remove them)

Capture The Flag
In this mode it’s not about the most kills. In this mode it’s about capturing flags. Take the enemy’s flag and return it to your base to capture it. (timelimits and capturelimits can always be set to “0″ to remove them)

In Capture The Flag you’ll find Power-Ups:

Increases movement speed. You will be able to Pjump much easier.

Constantly adds ammo until the maximum amount.

Restores life. When picking it up health increases with 40% and gradually recovers about 10% of life over 6 seconds. This Power-Up often helps to survive if you have low health.

Allows you to do more damage. Power is increased with about 50%.

Provides an infinite charge of your x-ray vision and your night vision. Also it makes your infrared vision last longer.